Where it all began..

 The vision for High Tea began with a spark of imagination when founder & CEO Miriam Novalle discovered the wonders of infusing hemp cannabinoid with her health-conscious line of organic sustainable gourmet tea blends.

By using her extraordinary skills as a perfumer or “Nose”, Novalle has been a creator and collaborator in the tea community for over 25 years, and this may be her most exciting project yet. She has since been dubbed by New York Times as the “Tea Guru” for her harmonious blends.

Nine years ago when her sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she witnessed her struggle through various treatments. As she continued to care to her ill sister, Novalle was determined to create a cushion to naturally soften the effects of chemo. When she realized the reactive powers of cannabinoids with the brain, inspiration soon followed.

The development of High Tea came to life. Her dream was to create a line of cannabinoid infused blends to help sooth the burdening effects of cancer and chemotherapy treatments. Through dedication and research, Novalle has created a product which she hopes will enter the holistic market of future cancer treatments. High Tea was born.

In addition to this recent creation of blends, Novalle continues to run her sister tea company, T Salon, founded in 1992 in New York City. The T Salon has thrived globally in the tradition of creating and combining organic sustainable blends. This involves a dedication to sharing the healing power of tea as a way of life with everyone around the world. In its mission to do so, T Salon attempts to make every effort to preserve the environment, and encourage others to do so.

Learn more at tsalon.com and https://www.etsy.com/shop/teasalon https://www.barnraiser.us/businesses/t-salon

Miriam Novalle, Founder & Creator.

Miriam Novalle, Founder & Creator.