Higher CBD doses = More relief

This falls under the myth category. Higher doses don’t necessarily equate to more relief. In fact, the opposite can hold true. Many drugs — including THC and CBD — have biphasic effects, meaning higher doses may have opposite effects of lower doses.

In fact, high amounts of THC could worsen symptoms or cause unwanted side effects. When it comes to CBD, high doses won’t exacerbate your symptoms or cause undesirable side effects, but it may be less effective. It builds up your tolerance faster. Plus, you may be using more than you need, which means a waste of product.

Start small and work your way up in dosage until you find your sweet spot. This is also why (most) doctors will start you off on a medication at the lowest recommended dose and gradually increase your dosage (if needed).
Also, give it a few days before changing your dosage. It's been reported by some users that it takes a few days before they noticed the effects. It really all comes down to the quality of the product and your individual bio chemistry.

Ideally, you want to find the lowest, yet most effective dose that works for you.

Lowest Dose + Highest Efficacy = Sweet Spot

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