Do you have us on your Holiday List?

This year, I feel we should all sit back, relax and contemplate our futures, while enjoying a delicious, soothing, joyful cup of tea!

 Below is a list of some of the folks you might consider:  

  • Your Son-in-law

  • Your Mother-in-law

  • Your Pregnant Daughter

  • Your Grand Children

  • Your Kids

  • Your Grandmother

  • Your Nanny

  • Your Postman

  • Your Dog Walker

  • Your Cat Watcher

  • Your Haircutter

  • Your Acupuncturist

  • Your Therapist

  • Your Neighbor

  • Your Garbage Collecter

  • Your Gardener

  • Your Ex (why not?)

  • Your Neighbor (the one you never talk to)

  • Your Kid's Teachers 

  • Your Internet Date

  • Your Co-workers

  • How about your lousy Boss?

So, who did we forget? Let us know!

We are standing by the phones,  waiting for your calls, for your last minute shopping:  (212) 358-0506